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The direct drive range are of robust design with low speed, oversized airends and uncomplicated “1:1” drive; resulting in strong in strong, reliable & long life machines  .


-units ranging from 7.5kw to280kw

- Pressure ranging from 7 bar to 13 bar

- Intelligent Micro Controller allowing more energy efficient control

- Major components of European design and manufacture

- Genuine, long term warranty on complete packages


Hava Madar Co,do not only think about the looks of their compressors, they have designed them to be maintenance friendly.

All components are easily accessible via large removable and lockable panels


There are plenty of reasons to pick this direct drive compressor . the 1:1 ratio means the motor is directly coupled to the airend via a maintenance free coupling eliminates transmission loss and lowers the noise dramatically.

 Hava Madar Co use oversized airends and a 1:1 ratio drive. Compared to other compressors using belt driver or small high speed gear driven airends, this direct drive delivers outstanding performance and significant energy saving .


-        Lower power consumption

-        Energy savings

-        Low  noise

-        Reduced maintenance cost

-        No – loss power transmission

-        Less maintenance and down time

-        Eliminates belts breaking or slipping

-        Far more safer than a moving belt and pulley system


The intelligent patented micro PLC controller is very user friendly. It has signals for pressure, temperature & current, which monitor patented micro the running of the compressor. Setting up or changing parameters in the system can be achieved easily by the buttons on the display panel (code required ) .

The display has readings for;

-        Service intervals

-        Pressure

-        Temperature

-        Current

-        On load & off load hours

-        Reverse anti-rotation

-        Plus up to 13 different monitoring alarms and plenty more.



With the Intelligent micro controller you can coordinate several compressor from one central location.

 You can connect up 8 different controllers together, So you can have a master/slave control operation. you can monitor varying loads and select how many machines need to operate and the length need to run.

It also can regulate load between compressors to ensure every machine carry‘s the same load.



This kind of airend is one of the highest quality airends Possible on the market today. The airends are fitted with patented German made rotors, SKF bearings and a European made Teflon oil seal. These high quality components insure high efficiency, long running and low noise/vibration of the airend.



All our direct drive compressors are fitted with the highly impressive MEPS 2 compliant industrial

Wonder motors which are fitted with SKF bearings. The front and back bearings have greasing nipples

To insure the bearings have a long service life.


All our direct drive compressor use a KTR German made coupling to connect the motor to the airend

With a 1:1 ratio. They also use WVIF high efficiency shock pads to lower the torque impact and vibration.


we use Siemens electrical components. These components have a very high shock resistance and can handle unstable voltage.

This ensures the long term stable operation of the compressor.


we have fitted the highest in European technology in Burkert  and Huba Control as the main pneumatic and sensor control components in our units.

Solenoids and sensors are one of the most common faults on a screw compressor. Having European quality parts ensures maximum reliability.


we use large oversized coolers which have been designed for Iranian conditions.

we have added an extra 30% size to the cooler ,which keeps the unit at its optimum temperature even during a harsh Iranian summer.


ALL unit use oversized oil separator life and a sustained clean air delivery of less than 3ppm oil content . Due to this, it also has an extremely low pressure loss of less than 0.02 Mpa.



WE have chosen the world renowned Hoerbiger as one of the main thermal valve used in their range of direct drives Compressors. the thermal valve opens and shuts many times a day helping keep the

Compressor at its optimum temperature.  .


ALL the oil pipes within units are made from seamless steel and are connected together with high quality compression  fittings. This pipe system eliminates aging and oil leaks.


Our engineers have designed their machines to handle extreme mining & industrial conditions.

The global Donaldson brand is just one of the high efficiency, low loss imported air filtration units

Used on all our compressors. Intake air quality is a key to compressor reliability. If the machine can breathe clean air it will reduce running costs and extend the life of the machine.


We have sourced one of the best suction valves on the market today. The suction valve is a key component which brings the compressor on and off load. With an expected service life of over 2 million cycles you can be assured of its reliability.

A major factor in its reliability is that no gap needs to be completely sealed in the suction valve, this means that you are not relying on parts such as cup seals and diaphragms which In time will deteriorate and cause loading problems whit your compressor. This energy saving device is standard on all our machines.

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